Torres Del Paine- Patagonia

The term ‘most beautiful place on earth’ can be fairly subjective . Unless, someone had an opportunity to visit each and every allegedly ‘most beautiful place’ on the earth, it is a statistical impossibility…well almost.

When National Geographic proclaimed Torres Del Paine as the most beautiful place on this earth, we couldn’t help but give them our endorsement.

Our dwelling is nestled in the valley surrounded by iconic mountains separated decisively by Rio Serrano. The serenity of the place and the need not to plan in advance was liberating- every direction we go, we would find something unexpected and beautiful. Too much organization is a curse in a place like this!

Over the next few days we drove/did day hikes around Lago Grey, Rio Paine, Lake Pekoe. Lago Sarmiento, Laguna Azul; Cascade de Paine; Lago Nordernskjold

Our server at the lodge, Rez Antonio became our ‘go-to’ guy, because we really didn’t plan a lot and decided to go with the flow! From setting us up with ‘No Anglais’ speaking guide Secundo (Amazing person!) and inviting us to the restaurant to enjoy slow-cooked lamb. I always loved Yerba Mate. So when I see a mug with leftover Mate’, I am very curious about the Yerba mate mug filled to the brim with used tea with the traditional pipe. I asked Leane about it and she takes out a 5 pound of Mate tea and graciously showed me how Yerba Mate is traditionally made and offered it every single day! Obviously, I shamelessly accepted the offer every single day!

Peter Jackson might want to consider the next epic story in Patagonia! Albeit, a dragon to get the crew from Puerto Natales to Torres Del Paine, might be the most feasible give how ‘l      o        n       g’ it takes to the Torres Del Paine.




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