Atacama Desert

Atacama Desert is the driest desert in the world and it might not seem like the most tourist friendly attribute…but it also is amazing because the natural beauty and the clear skies.  Due to the High altitude, dry air, almost no cloud cover, and sparse population (leading to lack of light pollution) – desert is one of the best places in the world to for astronomical observations. Our driver, was not afraid to roll-up his sleeves and serve up some grilled llama meat. The hikes around Valle de la Luna, Geyser Del Tatio, and Laguna Cejar were particularly amazing.
San Pedro de Atacama is a vibrant town with mud houses that reminded us of villages and simple life in rural India. At last we were able to get some amazing, flavorful food, markedly different from rest of Chile.  The Pebre (~spicy salsa) was a default condiment of choice at every place we dined at and it was totally relish! We also came across ‘Toro Diablo- Salsa De Aji PutaMadre ( not kidding, proof below) – which was flavorful but definitely more around mildly spicy. A bit of a false advertising considering the name!

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